Mt. Hood Meadows introduced a new discount card this year. The Meadows Club Card may be the perfect alternative for skiers and snowboarders who cannot reap the benefits of a season pass, but still want to ski multiple times each year at a discount.

The Meadows Club Card is designed to allow the cardholder to bypass the ticket window. It looks just like a season pass, but is backed by a credit card that gets charged each day it is used.

This year, the resort added new RFID gates, which are compatible with the Meadows Club Card. When you go through the gate, the system reads your card and automatically charges $59 or $79 to your credit card, depending on the day. The higher rate is for peak days, including the Christmas holidays as well as weekends in January and February. The lower rate is charged for all other days. Each rate is a $10-15 discount off of ticket window prices.

The new card also includes free days of skiing on the first and fifth day of use, as well as every fifth day after that. Skiers and snowboarders using the Meadows Club Card can also get $5 off night skiing and discounts on retail, demos, dining, and lessons.

The new Meadows Club Card costs $99 and can be purchased online here.