Washington’s Crystal Mountain Resort is winding up its preseason pass sale at the end of September. For skiers and riders, that means purchasing passes before Sept. 30, 2012 when prices increase by up to $600.

Crystal Mountain is all about choices for its season passes. Several types of season passes are available to meet different types of budgets and varied ski interests.

The Bronze Pass is available in two types—with or without the gondola. With the gondola access, it costs $894 for adults; without the gondola access, it costs $799.

The Silver Pass is meant for those who want to avoid the Weekend Warrior crowds. It is valid midweek all season long, including holidays. With the gondola, it costs $794 for adults; without the gondola, it costs $699.  

With the Bronze and Silver Passes, you can buy the cheaper one now and upgrade with the gondola later. But upgrading will cost $130 to add it on after you purchase the pass.

The Gold Pass, which costs $899 for adults, comes with gondola access included. The pass includes 10 free days of skiing at The Summit at Snoqualmie and other Boyne ski resorts. It only costs $5 more than the Bronze Pass with gondola access, so the 10 free ski days come at a nominal price.

The Gold Peak To Summit Pass offers the most flexibility. With it, you can ski anytime at Crystal on the lifts and the gondola plus anytime at all four of the ski hills at The Summit at Snoqualmie. You can hit The Summit at Snoqualmie for night skiing, and chase the better snow conditions north and south in the Cascade Mountains.

All passes, except the Silver Pass, are available with youth and senior rates, too. Crystal’s season passes are valid for skiing or riding through April 21, 2013. You can find more information about them and order them online here.