Decisions. Decisions. Ski area operators around Banff make it easy for those who can’t decide on one favorite area to ski or ride. But those who want to get in on the deal for the tri-area Banff season passes this winter need to act fast as the sale ends Sept. 30.

The Ski Big 3 season pass gets you access to 8,000 acres of skiing or riding around Banff. The passes are valid at Lake Louise Ski Area, Sunshine Village and Mt. Norquay. While Mt. Norquay only goes into full operation usually January through March, Lake Louise and Sunshine Village offer some of the longest seasons in North America—November through May. 

The adult pass is on sale for $1,399, but after Sept. 30, the price bumps up by $450 to $1,849. Those who want to avoid the Weekend Warrior crowds can buy a midweek pass for less: $1,099 instead of $1,479. 

Special sale rates are available for other age groups too: seniors, students, youth and children. You can also purchase a family pass for $3,299, which will increase by $700 after the sale. The family pass includes one or two parents along with all kids up to age 17 that live in the same house.

What you get with the Ski Big 3 pass is choice. You can change which resort you hit based on conditions. Because of the location of all three ski areas in Banff National Park, sunny days, of course, yield big views of rugged summits and glaciers, while clouds usually bring abundant snow. Mt. Norquay also adds on night skiing in midwinter.

To buy the Ski Big 3 pass, you can get them online here. You can also stop by or call the Banff Ski Hub at 403-762-4754.