A ruff ride in store for the Northeast today, the Midwest deals with the back end of nasty storm and a mostly dry day in store for the West. RC



Most parts of the region awaken to a nasty mix of rain, sleet and snow. The northern poritions of the region see snow first, then a wintry mix later in the day, while folks further south will see the mix first, then snow as the day progresses. Travel for the region today will be tough (much like it has been for the Midwest) and you should call ahead for road and resort conditions before heading out. Be prepared for delays. Highs range from the low teens in Maine to the mid 40's further south.



Most of the West enjoys a quiet and mild day today. The Pac Northwest may see a few showers and more snow is in the forecast for the Northern Rockies, but overall most folks will see sunny skies. Highs from the mid 20's in the mountains to the mid 70's in southern California.



As the last of a very nasty system makes its way east, the region is left with scattered rain and snow showers, gusty winds and another small system on the way in. Be prepared for extended delays, road closures and power outages throughout the rest of the week. Things stay on the cold side, with highs for most of the region in the mid teens.