The Slopestyle jam sessions begin with 100 riders, narrowed down to the Semi Final (40 Riders) and Super Final (12 Riders). The contest terrain is in the "Längfluh" area below the Popcorn Plaza, 2870 metres above sea level. Elements include three giant kickers. The Wallride completes the event on Sunday. Riders compete on an eight metre high wall, one of the highest there is.

The 15 invited snowboard stars include Marko Grilc SLO, Jonas Emery SUI, Tonton Holland SUI, Juuso Laivisto FIN, TJ Schneider CND, Friedl Kolar AUT, Steve Gruber AUT, Andy Monsberger AUT, Sani Alibabic AUT, Hannes Metzler AUT, Alessandro Boyens GER, Iker Fernandes ESP, Morgan Le Faucheur FRA, Gian Simmen SUI.

The ‘Kick Ass' apes scene will begin with Scott Sullivan from San Diego (California) bringing summer vibes to Saas-Fee on the Thursday. He's a solo artist and and he will bedazzle the crowd just with his guitar. On Friday there's a live gig in Living Room Bar / DJ Night in Popcorn and on Saturday the A.F. Band Live Gig in Popcorn Bar / DJ Night in Popcorn and Living Room. On Sunday Scott Sullivan is back playing live music during the Wallride Contest at the Popcorn Plaza.