The snowpark in Les 2 Alpes is a world famous summer spot and has been growing for 15 years now. This summer 2009 it is being further improved with a new super-pipe.
Les 2 Alpes offers summer skiing and snowboarding from 13th June to 29th August with around 18 hectares of glacier snow slopes open daily from 7.30am to 1pm at 3,300-3,400m above sea level. The terrain is available to all from beginners or experts, in classes or individually.
Two ski lifts including a moving walkway or rope tow to the two pipes will serve three separate zones which have been under preparation since January.
Firstly there'll be a Fun Zone in the north part of Dôme Sud with a boardercross, a series of whoops, two learning tables and a box line. Secondly there'll be a Pro Zone as in summer 2008 with big air, tables, hips and multiple modules (rails, container, etc.) and thirdly there'll be an Expert Zone, larger than last year, with a sequence of rails and other modules added to the two tables. The relaxing Coolzone has moved to above the super-pipe. And of course, there's the SHRED area which will extend the entire length of the Snowpark.
The new ZAUGG 22-foot Super-pipe will be the first of its kind in France with Olympic dimensions (6.5m high and 120m minimum length). Top level riders will be able to use it to train on and there is still the second, initiation pipe.
Another novelty this summer will be the Big Air Bag, a huge mattress (15x11m used for film stunts) to absorb falls on the glacier at Les 2 Alpes, at the foot of the Soreiller.
A team of nine people are working to make sure the snowpark is running properly; they are accompanied by around thirty shapers each day.
A full range of summer camps is offered, each including a freestyle course, accommodation, ski pass, meals and coaching for an inclusive price.
From 20 June to 29 August: DA CAMP (E.S.F) will organise Initiation and Perfecting camps with professional coaching. From 5 to 12 July it's the Ripcurl Summer Camp, then from 13 to 27 June the Girlies Camp - exclusively for girls. From 27 to 4 July it's the Nitro camp and from 18 July to 1 August the Burton camp, Organised by Démonium.