Chile's Portillo has issued a statement saying, "We are in a spring skiing freeze \ thaw cycle. Off piste skiing cover is variable. The heliskiing is operating as weather permits on corn snow and the snow depth on the Plateau side is 100cm and 50cm on the Juncalillo side." This seems to be a pattern being repeated at other Chillean resorts, with Chapa Verde's base depth now down to 50cm (20 inches) at Valle Nevado it's only 40cm, despite more than 3.7m falling so far this winter. None the less, most of the terrain there remains open.
Things are looking different across the Andes in Argentina with Catedral, the continent's biggest ski area, reporting an amazing three foot (90cm) fall today taking base depths on the mountain to 2.4m (eight feet). There's a dramatic difference between the top ad the bottom of the slopes however, with lower runs only reporting a25cm (10 inch) base and 10cm (four inches) of new snow. It's also looking good, if not quite so spectacular, in Chapelco with a 1.4m (4.6 foot) base. At Argentina's other big resort, Las Lenas, snow depths on upper slopes are at 95cm (just over three feet).