Italy's Alta Badia region in the Dolomites is running a Super Sun Promotional period with special offers starting from 14 March and continuing to the end of the season a month later on 14 April.

The deal, available through a variety of accommodation providers, includes seven nights for the price of six in a hotel or apartment in one of the region's six village; a six-day ski pass for the price of a five day one; the same deal on ski or snowboard hire and special deals from Alta Badia Ski School and San Cassiano cross-country ski school with a package that includes four private lessons for the price of three.

The resort recommends people visiting during this period stop at the summit above the Vallon chair-lift and wait until there is really nobody on the slopes. Enjoy the fantastic panorama whilst waiting. Then descend calmly, taking wide bends without having to worry about the presence of other skiers taking the same descent.

This is skiing at the end of March, when most of the "white weekers" (people who go to the mountains skiing for a week) are already thinking of getting out the swimming costumes to go to the seaside and the true enthusiasts prepare to taste the mountain in one of its best periods.

March, as all the statistics say, is also one of the snowiest months in the year and therefore, even if there were no programmed snow installations, the slopes would still be practicable.

Then there is the off-piste, those beautiful runs, on the spring snow and without any danger of snow slides. It is well-known that at this time of year the temperature continues to be quite severe during the night. The snow, which during the day becomes soft under the sun's rays, at night forms a hard crust on the surface which is able to sustain the weight of the skier. Therefore in the morning, when the first rays have already touched the right slopes, it is possible to descend off-piste on this crust, perhaps while the very first layer has already melted and has formed a soft dust coat.