A break in the action for the Pac Northwest Friday as an active system moves east, a slow Friday for the Northeast is set to turn in to a busy weekend and weather is back in the Midwest. RC



The systems that did damage in the Pac Northwest this week make their way into the region Friday, bringing the dangerous mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain. Areas of Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan could see 4 to 8 inches of powder before things calm down. Iowa, Indiana and Ohio are in the cross-hairs for sleet and freezing rain, which could cause issues on the road. Cold air is also expected to stick around through the weekend. Please make sure to call ahead for resort and road conditions before you head out. Highs from the mid teens up north to the mid 50's further south.



A relatively quiet Friday for the region turns into a busy weekend as the system beating up on the Midwest makes its way in Saturday. Areas from northern PA to southern New England could see snow, with some areas receiving 6 to 9 inches. Areas in the south (particularly West Virginia and southern PA) could see a sleet/snow mix. The system is due to head out on Sunday, but cold air stays in the mix well into next week. Highs over the weekend from the mid teens to the mid 40's.



Things finally quiet down for the folks suffering in the Pac Northwest and some of the flooding for low lying areas should subside. Snow is in the mix for a good portion of the Front Range on Friday, but things slow down going into Saturday. Be on the lookout for high wind gusts in the mountains, including the northern portions of California and Nevada. Another system is on the way Sunday from the north and could bring light snow to parts of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Please make sure to call ahead for resort and road conditions before you head out.