Post Christmas freezing rain is on the menu for the Midwest, quiet time in the Northeast and the West continues to take a beating. RC



A busy week for the region leaves behind plenty of new powder for ski resorts and should help make up for a slow start to the season. Some parts of the region received nearly four feet of new snow and the party continues today for the Rockies, Cascades, Montana, New Mexico and Arizona. Another system moves into the Pac Northwest this afternoon and winter storm warnings remain in the forecast for most mountain areas. Look for temps to run below average most of the weekend with highs from the mid teens to the mid 40's.



Freezing rain Friday morning causes issues on the roads for Chicago, Iowa and Wisconsin through midday. This system is also affecting parts of Indiana and Michigan and warnings are posted for road travel. Things slow down by lunchtime, but another system moves into the plains Friday afternoon and could bring heavy rain for the region through the weekend. Look for highs to run from the mid 20's in the northern states to the mid 50's in the southern states.



A quiet start to the weekend for the region, but rain showers ramp up as we move through the day Friday. Combined with chilly temps, freezing rain is possible for parts of Northeast PA and New York state by Friday evening. Look for highs to range from the single digits in Maine to the mid 30's for states further south.