More snow for the Midwest/Great Lakes, snow/sleet and ice for the Northeast and chilly in the South while most of the West stays dry. RC   


Possible snow showers are in the forecast for Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa on Monday with temps being cool enough for light accumulations. Highs mid teens to mid 40's.


The ugly weather that started over the weekend continues throughout the region with snow, sleet and ice for the upper Northeast and a rain/snow mix for mountains in the region. Winds still remain a factor, keeping temps in the mid 30's.


Cool temps dominate in the MidSouth, with parts of Tennessee in the mid 30's and a chance of snow showers. Keep an eye on the higher elevations of the southern Appalachians for snow accumulations.


Slight chance of snow showers in the Rockies, but the real story is the high wind warnings posted for the range. Some gusts could be in excess of 85 mph. Highs for Washington, Oregon and California from the upper 30's to the mid 50's.