Ski Cooper will soon lay claim to the longest Magic Carpet® conveyor belt in the Rocky Mountains. The new Magic Carpet® is 770-feet long and it replaces the old Printer Boy platter lift.

“This year we decided we’d go ahead and do it as we have the money available," Spokesperson Bob Casey said of the project that was part of Cooper's capital development plan for years. "We don’t borrow money. We just pay for it.”

Casey says it will be a big help for skiers and riders in the beginner area. “The Magic Carpet® is going to be more efficient for them to ride than the platter, especially the beginner snowboarders.”

Ski Cooper has something else new but Casey says, “It’s not one of those snazzy improvements that you like to see.” Vault toilets are going in at the base of the Piney Basin Triple Chair.

“It will make a difference in terms of convenience for our guests" Casey said. "We had toilets at the top of the mountain and at the lodge, but not on that side of the mountain.”

The new Magic Carpet® and toilets will be ready to go for Thanksgiving weekend when the mountain hopes to open. Ski Cooper never promises to open at that time, they just hope there’s enough snow.

“We’re always wondering when it’s going to snow because we don’t make snow and we hope to get an early start,” Casey said.

After Thanksgiving, the resort just outside of Leadville is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until Dec. 16 when they’re open daily.

Magic Carpet Lifts, Inc., is headquartered in Denver.

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