Skiers and riders will be zipping up the hill faster at Buttermilk this season. A new lift is being installed on the Tiehack side of the mountain. "That side of the Buttermilk is not heavily used by the general public and has some amazing, fun terrain," says Jeff Hanle with Aspen Skiing Company.

The new Tiehack Express lift is a Leitner Poma high-speed quad. It replaces two old lifts which will cut down the ride from 18 minutes to just under seven. The lifts being replaced are the Eagle Hill and Upper Tiehack lifts. Hanle hopes the new lift introduces more people to what he says is a relatively unexplored side of the mountain. "It is also the site for much of the training and racing done by the Aspen Ski Club and others."

The big question is whether it will affect Buttermilk's big event, the annual ESPN Winter X Games. Hanle says it won't have much of an impact other than for those who want to take in a few runs between events. "They will be able to get in twice as many runs and still get back for the finals."

Construction is resulting in new gladed terrain in the Tiehack area. Everything is on track and the new lift should be up and running by Buttermilk's Dec. 10 opening date.

Check out this POV video from Aspen of the new lift being installed.