Tignes is giving visitors €160 worth of sports activities per guest per week for each summer reservation made between July 2 and Sept. 4.

To take advantage of the offer, guests need to book a minimum one-night stay and they'll receive a Sportignes card from their hotel.

The Sportignes card opens the door to a multitude of activities. Visitors get unlimited access to the pedestrian and mountain bike lifts, as well as to the crazy air bag. It also lets guests take advantage of beach soccer, beach volleyball, football, and tennis once a day for every day of the Sportignes card's validity.

Depending on your stay length, you can also enjoy different activities up to four times during a stay. For example, a two- to four-day stay comes with one free activity. A five- to eight-day stay comes with two free activities.  A nine- to eleven-day stay gives you three free activities and a two-week stay means four free activities.

Tignes offers various sports that are accessible under these conditions: one hour of water jump, one hour of catamaran, half an hour of kayaking, half an hour of archery or squash, etc.

Some of the activities require at least a day's advance reservation.

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