Watch the theatre and dance performance of "Hannibal - The Crossing of the Alps" on the Rettenbach Glacier above Sölden  Friday, April 15.

The Rettenbach Glacier, at 3000 metres, will be the open-air stage for 500 actors to perform the historic story of Hannibal and his Carthaginian army crossing the Alps on their way to Rome.

Hannibal crossed the main Alpine ridge in 10 days in 218BC, accompanied by an army of 60,000 Africans, Celts, and Spanish warriors, thousands of horses and 37 elephants.

The performance will take place against a backdrop of snow and ice which has been sculpted to form a Maya Pyramid - modelled on the Castillo from Chichen Itza. Snow machines will act as elephants; skiers, climbers, and parachutists will be the modern warriors; and riders on skidoos will be the men on horseback. The entire spectacle is accompanied by light effects, music, video, and pyrotechnical shows.

Tickets are available at mountain stations until 8:30 p.m. April 15. Prices are €37 adults, €20 children (born 1995-2004) for standing area; €49 stand seats; andn €113 for VIP stand seat. All rates are per person and include bus transfers to and from the glacier.

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