Check out Michigan's Shanty Creek Resort, If you're looking for a little fun with your snow sports in March. Fun events are scheduled every weekend and affordable lift and lodging packages are available.

Midweek ski packages start from $62 per person, per night, based on double occupancy, and weekend packages start from $69 per person, per night. Complimentary skiing and riding is available night of arrival, and children eight and under ski free with parents and under 12 eat free.

March is that transition period between winter and spring and things can get a little weird, according to Shanty's Lindsey Southwell.

"It really isn't winter anymore, but not yet spring.  We can be sitting on top of a six-foot base, and it isn't going to melt anytime soon.  People just relax and have fun," she told OnTheSnow, "and, we provide the fun with a bunch of silly events."

The Slush Cup and Mardi Gras, one of the resort's most popular winter events, is March 5-6. Hundreds of spectators will line up to watch skiers and boarders try to make it across a 40-foot pond filled with icy waist-deep water.  Cajun food and some hot gumbo will cure their ills. A frozen fish toss, shovel races, and dummy darts will also be taking place. It's the way Michiganders cope with March.

March 11-12 combines Irish Weekend - remember St. Patrick's Day later in the week - with the Cardboard Classic; a free-for-all on homemade sleds. The only rule is they have to be made of cardboard and taped or glued together.

"Some years we see pirate ships," added Southwell. "Last year a team made a beer-pong table out of cardboard and rode it down the hill. I don't think they were feeling any pain."

The last weekend of skiing and riding for this season is March 19-20, a benchmark that Shanty Creek celebrates with a Hawaiian theme. People will be skiing in halter tops and cutoffs. There will be a snow carving contest, and inner tube races. Hawaiian shirts and island food and drinks will be available to celebrate the end of the season.

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