Boston Mills/Brandywine will be holding its Winter Carnival Saturday, March 12. Filled with events and competitions that appeal to a wide audience, it's as much fun for spectators as participants.

A couple of the more unusual competitions are the Firehose Race and Garbage Bag Race. The Firehose Race requires teams of four to ski/snowboard through a gentle slalom course transporting the firehose. Drop it and you're out. You go down the hill using only a garbage bag in the Garbage Bag Race. Put it on and slide down the hill, but it has to be on your backside.

A couple of the better spectator events are the Bikini Race and the Slosh Pit.

The Bikini Race is for females only. Sorry guys, no Speedos allowed. The race includes an obstacle course. First place wins $100 with prizes given to the top three places.

The Slosh Pit offers two pits to cross. The Granddaddy features 65 feet of cold waist deep water to cross, and the Little Brother is only a 15-foot pool. You have to declare the pit you plan on crossing, and the event is open to the first 100 entrants only. Make it across the larger pit and you receive a BMBW T-shirt, and the best trick receives a $25 gift card to Buckeye Sports Center.

An extreme sledding event using the Austrian Zipfibobs sleds, courtesy of Red Bull Energy Drink is another fun event to watch.  The costume contest takes place in the afternoon when the top three costumes in each category are determined by audience applause. Live music will be taking place in Joe Rider's Lounge & Deli from 6 to 9 p.m.

The season will be quickly winding down in March. Get out and have some extra fun on the slopes while enjoying Winter Carnival. Follow the link below for event times and details.

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