There's still time to catch a glimpse of the dozen larger-than-life bronze sculptures that have invaded the streets of Megève as part of this year's Art Sessions event, which goes on until April 30.

The modern sculptures contrast with the medieval atmosphere of Megève's central village. Some of the works are reproductions of famous pieces by Rodin and Renoir. Others are original, unique creations by more contemporary artists like Marinetti, Paul Beckrich, and Bruno Catalano.

Two reasons prompted the resort to fill its streets with these curious creations. "We wanted something original that would last all season so that all of our visitors could enjoy it," the Megève tourism office told OnTheSnow. Art Sessions also opens the way for next year's artistic project, an outdoor exhibit featuring monumental works inspired by the art of Salvador Dali.

"With these two exhibits, we wanted to offer visitors something different, something unexpected," said the resort's tourism office. "People aren't used to seeing sculptures in a ski resort. It's a nice change."

The Art Sessions sculptures have been in place since December and so far, the reactions have been positive. "The visitors are first surprised, then curious to know more," commented the tourism office.

A brochure in French and English is available at the Megève tourism office so that guests can be sure to see all of the works and to know more about the art and the artists.

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