Winter Park Resort is reaching out to the Hispanic and Latino community. The website for Winter Park's Terrain Park has been translated to Spanish, to support Hispanic skiers and riders.

Equipo Roca of Denver provided the translation. "It's an awesome digital tool for the resort to tap into the burgeoning Latino youth market, both in Colorado and internationally. This small, but significant, marketing effort will go a long way to communicate the snow culture and lifestyle to a wider audience and introduce more people to what's happening at Winter Park Resort," said Juan Delaroca, Equipo Roca president.

Winter Park is involved in other outreach projects including the Ruby Hill Rail Yard, which is a free urban terrain park in the epicenter of Denver. It's open to the general public in January and February, and has rails, and a terrain park. Denver Parks and Recreation offers youth programs at the Rail Yard as well.

The 2010 Hispanic Snow Summary through The Multicultural's in Action Sports Report (M.A.S.) reports that the Ruby Hill Rail Yard provides a snow sports playground for participants that are 40 percent non-white, and 39 percent beginner.

"Diversity brings fresh ideas and a fresh perspective to the sport of snowboarding and skiing," said Bob Holme, youth marketing and terrain parks manager for Winter Park Resort. "The urban market holds unlimited potential for resorts and in turn, resorts have the opportunity to introduce a ski or ride experience to a guest that may have been overlooked in the past."

The Winter Park Resort is 67 miles from Denver, and has been around for over 70 years.

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