Friends of Tuckerman Ravine plan to hold the 2011 Tuckerman Inferno April 16, a pentathlon event with running, kayaking, biking, climbing, and skiing.

The first Tuckerman Ravine Inferno Race was held in 1933, a summit to base ski race over the toughest terrain in New England.

It's been planned most years since, but has more often than not been canceled for bad weather, which should not be surprising to anyone who knows the weather on the Northeast's highest summit.

The most famous race took place during its third running in 1939, when Austrian skier Toni Matt miscalculated and did a straight schuss down the Headwall.

This year's race, like the most recent events, consists of five legs: an 8.3-mile run, a 6-mile kayak, an 18-mile bike, a 3-mile hike, and a 1-mile ski. It starts at 7 a.m. Saturday April 16, with the last qualifying competitor starting the ski leg of the event at 1 p.m.

The Inferno has a limit on competitors: 20 male and 20 female individual competitors, and 30 five-member teams.

Race fee is $155 for individuals, $675 for five-person teams.

The fee includes a banquet at Wildcat Ski Area Saturday night.

The race will be held Sunday, April 17, should bad weather force a delay.

More information. Or call 603-367-4417.

Check out this video of the 1968 Inferno.