Courchevel will be lighting up the night sky with its ninth International Festival of Pyrotechnic Arts Feb. 17 to March 12.

Four different companies specialised in pyrotechnic spectacles will compete against each other through a series of impressive fireworks shows.

"We are the only place that organises a pyrotechnic festival in the mountains, in winter," says Alain Petit, director and creator of the festival. "I thought that, since Courchevel is such an international resort, it would be interesting to host an international show that is the only one of its kind in Europe."

This year's competitors include Brezac (France), Faba (Italy), Macedo's (Portugal), and Fire Event (Austria). Every Thursday during the festival, a different company will show off their firey talent in an uninterrupted 15-minute show.

The shows will take place at various levels of Courchevel. Alain Petit explains this choice: "I wanted to create a large-scale festival for our holidaymakers that could take place at Courchevel's four levels and entertain all of our guests. This type of event allowed me to do all of that."

Judges will rate each show based on overall impression, choice of music to accompany the fireworks, pyrotechnics (choice of colours, shapes, transitions, etc.), use of space, and originality. Prizes will be awarded Thursday, March 10 at Courchevel 1850, when the French company Intermede will present a fireworks demonstration to close the festival.

The International Festival of Pyrotechnic Arts began in 2003, Every year, this festival attracts more than 8000 spectators from around the world.

The fireworks kick off at 7 p.m.

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