Maybe you tried all day but just couldn't hit the flip right. Perhaps you didn't quite have the nerve just yet to take a freestyle leap of faith. Or there really wasn't quite enough of the deep stuff to guarantee a soft, safe landing if anything went awry.

Snogression just may be both a long-term, year-round cure for your frustration.

The Sandy-based company was expected soon to open its indoor ski and snowboard training facility near the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Owner Kevin Brower installed trampolines and a ski jump that will launch freeriding tricksters high enough for flips and twists, and then let them down safely into a large pit of foam.

"You can warm up for the day or come down at the end to work on what they need to after a day in the slopes," Brower told OnTheSnow.

The two-hour first session inside Snogression's 5,000 square-foot of leased warehouse space at 9000 South and I-15 costs $35, and includes a class on tumbling, and using the trampoline and jump. Any future sessions cost $15 for two hours of big air.

The jump utilizes a launch system, called Hyperdrive, that actually pulls jumpers down the 12-foot high in-run to accelerate them up to 30 mph, said Brower. Several freestylers have gotten enough air for a double back flip, he said. The structure can be adjusted for distance from pit, and height and angle of the lip.

Other similar facilities in the United States can be found at Woodward at Copper, at Copper Mountain, Colo.; Windell's, at Mt. Hood, Ore.; and Ohio Dreams, in Butler, Ohio.

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