The new owners at Snowy Range Ski Area moved in with a swift hand this fall to make changes. Operating seven days a week and partnering with accommodations were top of their list. But they now have resurrected a terrain park and dedicated crews and resources to its development.

The new terrain park sprawls up the slope adjacent to Chute Lift. Spectators sitting in the lodge can watch skiers and snowboarders fly off jumps and hit the rails.

Snowy Range had a terrain park in the past. "But it wasn't something that they focused on," Vice President Cody Marshall told us. "One thing I heard more often than anything else this fall was are you going to have a terrain park? This year, it is one of the main focuses for us."

The new owners were so serious about their commitment to building a real, useable park that they pulled in some outside experts to collaborate with local gurus to design the new park. They also hired a crew that uses the park to maintain the park. "It's what they love to do," said Marshall.

The park features a combination of snow constructions and human-made hits. Some of the old rails were recycled into the new park along with boxes of different shapes and sizes. The crew built up jumps and hips, too. "The goal was to make something friendly enough for learners, but advanced enough for rippers," added Marshall.

"People are seeing the park, and word is starting to get out with good reviews," said Marshall. The resort's Facebook and Twitter sites attest to that. Then he added, "It is very important for us to have a good functioning park to build on in the future."

The terrain park is open seven days a week.

More information. Or call 307-745-5750.