The 8th edition of the Gordzerette Games returns to Champagny en Vanoise Jan. 28-30. This event promises an off-beat tournament in a playful atmosphere.

Five traditional events are programmed by the Gordzérés, which was once the name of the area's inhabitants in the local dialect.

For this year's edition, the games include:

Ice climbing: on the ice tower, beginners as well as experts will try to reach the summit, 22 metres overhead. Each face is inclined to a different degree, for various difficulty levels.

Surprise ski and shoot: like a cross-country sprint through an obstacle course, with biathlon-style shooting at the end.

The roped party: you will need balance and coordination for this ground-level rock climbing contest. Teamwork is key to conquer the same obstacles found in real rock climbing, only scaled down for the race.

The hay sled: Pulling a hay-filled sled as fast as possible is the goal of this game. Of course, the track is laid with high turns, holes, and bumps, because if not, where's the fun?

Tandem snowshoes: two giant snowshoes, four feet, and a race filled will spills, slips, and wild laughs. Special snowshoes (with two left feet on one snowshoe, two right feet on the other) had to be invented for this time trial.

An orientation course is the latest addition to the programme. Participants start at Champagny's Espace Glacialis and based on clues about Europe's glaciers, try to be the first to complete the race.

Two-member teams participate in as many events as possible to rack up a maximum number of points. Registration fees cost €35 per person.

All of the above games take place Sat. Jan. 29. Mountain films will be shown at the Champagny resort Friday night. On Sunday, visitors can climb the ice tower for free and the resort will even lend you the necessary gear at no cost.

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