La Foulée Blanche, a popular cross-country ski event in the French Alps, is taking place Jan. 19-23. For the occasion, JPGmontagnes is offering a week-long relaxation stay at Autrans from Monday Jan. 17 to Friday Jan. 21.

The stay includes a week's worth of Nordic activities and full-board accommodation in a hotel for €480 per person. You can extend the stay to include the Foulée Blanche weekend for €138 extra.

While the five- to 42-kilometre ski race attracts some of cross-country's fastest athletes, the aim of the week-long stay is to take your time and enjoy the snowy Vercors plateau. A certified guide leads participants on several day-long treks, while other afternoons are dedicated to Nordic Walking. This sport burns more calories than jogging, is easier on the joints, and lets walkers go at their own rhythm.

The Foulée Blanche weekend extension does not include any scheduled activities. Clients are free to participate in the event (advance registration necessary) or simply watch thousands of skiers fan out over Autrans. The extension does, however, include half-board accommodation. All the meals are prepared using certified local products, which guarantees both their origin and a certain level of quality.

To book, contact JPGmontagnes at or call +33 (0)625.604.521

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