Silverton has a new reason to prove just how extreme the skiing and terrain is. The Red Bull Cold Rush freeskiing event will relocate from Canada to Silverton Mountain, Colo. March 14-18, 2011. Red Bull hosts a top-notch event combing the best accommodation, food, and the perfect terrain for a one-of-a-kind event any big mountain freeskier would beg to be invited to.

"Red Bull takes care of their athletes and takes us to some of the sickest terrain in the world," says 2010 champion Suzanne Graham. "All the details are taken care of and it's extremely well run."

The Cold Rush has previously taken place in British Columbia, Canada. Red Mountain played host the first two years, followed by Retallack Lodge for two more years. The invite-only event involves big mountain skiing combined with big air, and takes place over a three-day period.

"It's a huge honor to be invited," Graham says. "This event feels like it was built for me, so I am extremely fortunate to be able to compete in it." Last year was the first year women were invited to the event since its inception in 2007. The athlete line-up and number of competitors vary each year.

Big, steep lines, huge drops, and slopestyle "booter" jumps create a competition venue unlike any other. Skiers' line choice, air size and slopestyle tricks are all factored into their scores. At the end of each day the athletes gather to review footage of everyone's runs and rank the field from first to last in terms of overall performance.

"They (organizers) edit a mini segment of everything each athlete did that day and we all watch, take notes, and write down what score we think they should have," Graham explains. "Then the scores are tallied at the end of the event, and a winner is determined. We really don't know who wins until it's announced."

The 2011 field will consist of 15 men and five women. So far past competitors Sean Pettit, Dash Longe, Dave Treadway, Grete Eliassen and Graham are slated to attend to the 2011 event. Newcomers Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Dane Tudor, and Tim Durtschi have additionally been inked into the start list for Silverton.

"It's one of the highlights of the year for sure," Graham concludes. "Red Bull knows how to throw an incredible event."

Graham suggests viewers log on to to watch this year's event live, as well as see athlete interviews and more.