Les 2 Alpes is hosting its third annual Poker Week from Jan. 9 to 14 with a week's worth of events where guests can spend their afternoons on the slopes and their evenings at the game table.

Every afternoon starting at 4 p.m., the Amphibia athletic and cultural facility turns into a veritable poker room, with tournament and sit n' go areas, both of which are free and open to everyone, professional and amateur alike. Players do not bet money during the games, but instead play for prizes provided by the event's sponsors.

The Tournament area includes 20, 10-person tables. Tournament matches take place Monday through Thursday evenings, with a grand finale Friday night. Players must register in advance to participate in tournaments.

The Sin n' Go areas are open to everyone without advance registration. This area includes 14, 10-person tables and players may qualify for the grand finale event on Friday night.

During the week, Les 2 Alpes also organizes poker-themed conferences, debates, and beginner Texas Hold'em workshops for would-be players.

The Poker Room also includes a bar and buffet for participants, as well as lounge areas, sponsor stands, and a boutique where players can purchase souvenirs and poker-related paraphernalia.

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