Jonny Moseley may be spinning on blades in Skating With The Stars, but the gold medal Olympian is taking time from the ice to hit the slopes at Squaw Valley USA over the holidays. Fans can hook up with Jonny for a mountain tour on eight days during the upcoming holidays.

Moseley has been competing in ABC's Skating With The Stars that aired its first episode Nov. 22. He traded skis for ice skates, and under the tutelage of his partner Brooke Castile, competed in ice dancing and figure skating routines against five other couples. He'll take a break over the holidays to return to Squaw Valley to ski.

The Squaw Valley ambassador returns Dec. 22 to the slopes. He'll be guiding mountain tours for intermediate and expert skiers. The tours aren't the usual "get to know the mountain" type. Instead, they head to terrain on the Shirley Lake Express for Moseley to show off some of his tricks.

The tours will last the rest of the day. You can try to copy Jonny on his signature moves-a 360 mute-grab or a dinner roll-or just ski fast to stay up with him.

The tours with Moseley will meet at 2 p.m. at the top of the Funitel. Tours are scheduled during the holidays Dec. 22- 24 and Dec. 26-30. An additional tour with Moseley is slated for March 12.

Moseley also plans to join the Women of Winter (WOW) program Dec. 22. The program is designed for women to improve skiing on black diamond runs. It meets 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. starting at the bottom of the Funitel. A WOW session costs $65. Seven other sessions are offered Jan.-March.

More information: tours with Jonny; Women of Winter, 530-452-7263.