The Mountain Attack Marathon in Saalbach has been recognised as the leading international mountaineering ski event. Skiers race for 40 kilometres across six peaks and 3008 metres in altitude.

The event returns to Saalbach Jan. 14. The race begins at 4 p.m. in the village square with a sprint to the base area of the Schattberg X-Press. Then the first climb up the Schattberg begins. As the athletes reach the Schattberg summit, the sun begins to go down over the Glemm valley. There are further summits waiting for the participants before they arrive at the finish in Saalbach.

All spectators can watch the action for free from the middle station and finish line. Transport is provided by the Schattberg X-Press.

The programme begins at 8 to11 a.m. with inscription at the race office in the centre of Saalbach; 3 p.m. the Attack Party kicks off in the centre of Saalbach with a live band and tombola; 4 p.m. the marathon starts; 6:30-11 p.m. marathon racers finish in Saalbach 7:30 to10:30 p.m. pasta drinks for all registered participants at the Saalbach sportcentre; 11 p.m. victory ceremony in the centre of Saalbach; 11:30 p.m. "Attack Athelets" night at the Clubbing Arena.

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