The parks are rolling at Bear Mountain Resort. Beginners this year will have an easier progression to developing their technique with the resort's new Skill Builder Park.

Around-the-clock snowmaking coupled with snowstorms allowed Bear Mountain to open for the Thanksgiving holidays. Park crews built up snow features and installed rails and boxes on Park Run and Central Park for opening day.

Beginner park riders will find more features to experiment on this winter as Bear Mountain's park staff introduces the Skill Builder Park. The park is designed for novices to ease the learning process. It is currently located on Central Park and filled with test features.

New features in the Skill Builder Park are smaller, beginning at 8-10 inches off the ground. Signs with trick tips help with mastering skills, and features will graduate to larger rollers, step-ups, and small tables. The dedicated beginner park will create a place for first timers and novices to try out moves, develop technique, and become familiar with park etiquette and safety.

The Skill Builder Park will move when snowmaking scoots around to the east side of the mountain. It will have its home on Learning Curve and Amusement Park, reached via Access Express High Speed Quad.

Bear Mountain, when fully open for the season, will contain approximately 120 rails, boxes, and walls as well as100 snow features in The People's Park. The jibs and snow features will range from beginner to advanced in challenge level. Park crews will also build a standard half pipe and Superpipe.

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