Scotland's CairnGorm Mountain resort has opened just 145 days after it closed.

Saturday, Nov. 13 was the first day of the season and more than 400 skiers and snowboarders took to the slopes. The recent cold temperatures and significant snowfall was enough to open one lift and five runs at the weekend.

There are now six runs open and resort officials are hoping the temperatures will remain cold to enable the resort to stay open. Last winter, CairnGorm Mountain opened Nov. 29 to June 21.

CairnGorm Mountain's Tania Alliod, told "We had 400 skiers here Sunday and about 100 yesterday (Monday). We intend to continue to offer snowsports (from the funicular only) throughout the week. If possible, we will try to open the Ptarmigan, Ciste, and M1 tows as well at the weekend, weather permitting. Snow is firm but grippy. Most skiers are stopping at the Mid Station to take the train back up, but a few more experienced skiers are picking their way all the way back to the Base Station, although this involves a bit of rock-hopping."

Season tickets from 2009/10 are valid at the moment for this pre-season skiing as well as new 2010/11 passes. The resort is also now selling snow sport vouchers for this year: a book of four vouchers can be used on non-consecutive days costing £102.40. Alternatively, a day's ticket is £9.75 adults and £6.15 juniors (16 and under).

The ski area is presently open between 10:20 a.m. and 16 p.m. Note that no ski hire is available on site.

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