China Peak just finished its fall season pass sale, but before it was finished, the resort rolled out a new line of season pass products. Interchangeable passes and passes good for three or five years are in the new lineup of products called China Peak Reunion Season Passes. They are on sale until they run out or until Nov. 19, whichever comes first.

"Frankly, I'm just raising a little extra money to pay for the large number of improvements this summer," Owner Tim Cohee told us as the reason for adding the Reunion passes. "Also, I'm trying to build a small war chest for next summer." Cohee plans to install two small fixed-grip lifts by next winter.

The Reunion Season Passes are being touted as a one-time only product. Only those who purchase Reunion passes this month will be eligible to purchase them in the future. The passes are add-ons to the current China Peak season pass, so they actually function as upgrades. A season pass for this winter must be purchased before a Reunion pass can be bought.

One type of Reunion pass extends the life of this year's season pass for multiple winters. A three-year upgrade makes this year's season pass valid through 2012-13. It costs $399. A five-year season pass costs $699.

Cohee also introduced a novel approach to season passes, which are usually not transferable between people. Adding an interchangeable option on to a season pass makes its transferable for use by any family member or friend, although it still can only be used for one person at a time.

Adding the interchangeable option for this year onto a season pass costs $199. A three-year interchangeable pass costs $799 while a five-year interchangeable pass costs $1,249.

China Peak Reunion Season Passes are now available for purchase online or by phone. They also can be bought in person at the resort or China Peak Ski Shop.

More information. Or call 559-233-2500.