Reduced prices, free night skiing, and discounts on retail and lodging are among the incentives that Sundance Resort hopes will attract season-ticket buyers during its preseason sale that ends Nov. 15.

Early-season purchasers will not only get a $100 on season passes but also can get up to 30 percent in savings through Dec. 6 from various Sundance village stores and restaurants. Included in the savings package are The Spa (25 percent off), the Tree Room, Foundry Grill and Zoom in Park City (15 percent savings); and, the Art Shack and General Store (10 percent).

Ticket holders also may get up to 30 percent at selected lodges, if space is available, according to the resort's announcement.

Discounts on season tickets run through Nov. 15 at Sundance. Early purchasers will pay $429, versus the regular price of $529. The midweek season pass is likewise reduced by $100 if purchased before the season begins, as are students, college, and special services passes.

Night skiing begins Dec. 17 Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. A night-only pass can be purchased for both adults and youngsters.

Senior citizen skiers or ‘boarders aged 65 and older pay $110 for a season ticket, regardless of when it is purchased.

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