Kirkwood Mountain Resort launched a new adventure program to operate year-round. Zipline tours started up at the beginning of October and will run this winter.

Eight ziplines have been installed from the top of Chair 7, accessed via an ATV ride in summer and the quad in winter. The lines link treetop platforms, some sitting 90 feet up in the air. The adventure tour also includes two suspension bridges and one gap step 60 feet above the ground.

Kirkwood's ziplines offer more than flying through the air. "It's Tahoe's first canopy tour, where you're up in the trees zipping from tree top to tree top," Director Wade Beane told us. "The ziplines accommodate skiers underneath and zippers in the air."

The 2.5  to 3-hour tours take up to 10 participants with two guides. The lines range from 250 to 600 feet long with the highest suspended 125 feet above the ground. Helmets and harnesses are provided in the tour cost.

"The tours are geared toward families," said Beane. "Families can all come and zip together." Children must weight at least 85 pounds to have enough weight for gravity to fly them to the next platform. Adults cannot weight more than 270 pounds.

The zip tours cost $125 per person. Reservations are required and available online. Zip Tahoe Canopy Tours, which operates under EBL, runs multiple tours per day seven days a week.

More information. Or call 209-258-7330.