Horse racing and polo tournaments will take place on the frozen lakes of Arosa and St. Moritz in January, following a tradition dating 90 years.

Arosa's horse racing is set for Jan. 16 and 23. The first event is a skikjöring competition held by the Arosa winter sports schools, followed by flat racing, trotting races and steeplechasing in the snow. The second day of racing takes place a week later on the frozen lake of Arosa Obersee.

The ever-popular St. Moritz Polo World Cup On Snow will return for its 27th time Jan. 27-30. Four polo teams will compete on the frozen Lake St. Moritz for the coveted Cartier Trophy. The Cartier Polo World Cup on Snow is not only the world's most prestigious winter polo tournament, but traditionally the social highlight in St. Moritz.

Unlike previous years however, teams will represent their countries of origin as they compete for the trophy in 2011. St. Mortiz Polo AG's Bernhard Poellinger says, "We want to concentrate more on polo as a sport . . . It adds to the excitement if two nations play each other in each match."

Spectators may attend both events free of charge as in previous years

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