"Use it or lose it" has been the traditional policy for season pass holders at most winter sports resorts.

Few skiers and riders come into a new season expecting to get hurt or sick but, for some, a little insurance can add a sense of security to the purchase of a season pass.

Sundance Resort offers a way to take the anxiety out of plunking down hundreds of dollars for a season ticket with its new "No Worries Program."

Season ticket holders at the Utah resort can purchase what amounts to insurance against an unforeseen medical situation that would keep them off the hill for the rest of the season for $25 before Oct. 31 and $35 thereafter. If injured, a pass-holder gets a pro-rated portion of his or her 2010-11 ticket applied to the cost of a 2011-2012 pass. The percentage of transfer depends upon when the injury or illness occurred during the season. For example, a skier or rider who gets hurt before Dec. 31 can transfer 80 percent of the ticket’s cost for a ticket next season.

Anyone wishing to take part in the No Worries Program must first purchase a season pass. The No Worries policy also must be purchased before the lifts begin running A sick or injured pass holder must bring his or her pass and a doctor’s note to the Sundance Ticket Office in order to qualify for the transfer.

The program does not apply to pass holders who move from the area or have non-medical conditions.

More information: 801-223-4849