Winter season ski passes are on sale at Timberline Lodge and Mt. Hood Ski Bowl. But Greater Portland residents have an easy way to get the popular Fusion Pass that allows access to lifts at both resorts. The passes will be sold at all Portland area REI stores on weekends during October.

The Mt. Hood Fusion Pass gives unlimited skiing and riding at Timberline and Mt. Hood Ski Bowl. It is available through Nov. 7. Fusion passes cost $449 for adults, $339 for teens, $229 for juniors and seniors. Rates increase by $150-170 after the sale, depending on age.

Seekers of Fusion Passes can buy them at four REI stores in the Portland area on weekends in October. Find the Fusion Passes at Pearl District, Tualitin, Clackamas Town Center, or Hillsboro REI stores. The passes, along with individual season passes for each resort, can be purchased through the resorts.

Timberline Lodge introduced a new Parenthood Pass in September. The pass, which costs $550 if bought by Nov. 7, is designed for families with children who are too little to ski. The shared pass is valid for both parents, but used for one at a time while the other spouse watches the kids. Parents can trade off the pass several times during one day. Purchasers of the Parenthood Pass also get a 25 percent discount on day tickets for the days when both parents can ski together.

More information: Fusion Pass, Parenthood Pass, 503-272-3158.