Villard de Lans, a downhill and cross-country destination in the Vercors mountains, is participating in a new car sharing programme this autumn.

Those interested in the car sharing programme will be able to connect via a mobile application called Covisoft. Passengers can request that someone pick them up for a trip between any designated meeting point on the Vercors plateau or in neighbouring Grenoble.

This requires that users load the Covisoft application to their smart phone or if they do not have a smart phone, to request rides by SMS. Participation in the ride share program is free, but the experimental period ends Nov. 26.

Thanks to a partnership with mobile phone service provider Orange, the village has also installed four flashcodes that clients can snap with their smart phones. Information on the village, its history, and future projects will then be displayed on the phone's screen, but in French.

Villard de Lans has installed a new Cote 2000 gondola lift. This lift can hold up to 10 passengers per cabin and take skiers, snowboarders, and pedestrians to the top of the Cote 2000 area in six minutes. The lift will initially be able to transport 2000 passengers per hour, which will increase to 2300 passengers per hour.

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