Wild Mountain, which overlooks the St. Croix River valley along the Minnesota/Wisconsin border, has their season pass sale underway. Take heed, if you are considering a pass.  Prices are going up next week.

You can save 15-percent off the regular price, If you purchase your pass by Saturday, Oct. 3  Currently an individual pass is $340, and the regular price is $399.99.  The pass will be $360, from Oct. 5 through Nov. The pass is currently $221 and will go up to $234 on Oct. 4 for children (6-12); for those five and under, the pass is $10 anytime during the season.

They have a pass to fit just about all schedules.  There's a Midweek Pass that's good Monday through Friday, a Saturday Pass and a Sunday Pass; all are currently $272.  A Senior Midweek Pass (62+) is currently $255.

The first member pays $340, the second pays $267.75, third member $182.75, and each subsequent member pays $119 with the Family Plan.  It covers all family members under 18 living at home.

"We've been Wild Mountain family season pass holders for some time, and it's a great value," says Minnesotan Laurie Vanelsberg.  "They always get going early in the season, which I like.

"Since my kids have been little I look forward to ski season.  For five months we'll be doing something together almost daily.  I don't sit on the sidelines.  We ski together and ride the lifts together.  It's great family time."        

Wild Mountain - less than an hour from the Twin Cities - has been serving Minnesota skiers and riders for over 30 years.  It's routinely the first ski area to open in the Heartland.  The last couple of seasons they've opened in late October. You can count on them to fire up the snow guns if it's cold enough.  Pass holders at Wild get one of the longest seasons in the Heartland.

Wild's 34th annual Open House, which includes a ski and snowboard swap, takes place this weekend, Oct. 2-3.

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