Kids love the adventure and excitement of Ripperroo's Forest tucked into the woods at Keystone Resort. You'll find it near the beginner area off of the Schoolmarm trail. Ripperroo's Forest is improved this winter, with expanded trails and features. One new feature that has been added is a mine shaft trail and tunnel in the woods. It's by the Ranger surface lift at the top. All of the bridges in Ripperoo's Forest and on the trails are now eight feet across instead of four. It gives more room for ski school and families.

Ski school instructors love to take their kids through the exciting buildings and trails in Ripperoo's Forest. Skiers and riders improve their skills and don't even realize it.

This kids-only area is named after Keystone's Children's Ski School mascot. Ripperoo is a dog who loves to ski. Ripperoo's Forest is on Dercum Mountain, which is home to long green and blue cruiser runs. It's the perfect spot for beginner and intermediate riders and skiers.

"With the success of Keystone's Kidtopia programming and the snow fort last season, we are focusing on providing even more fun and adventure with multiple opportunities for children and families to enjoy Keystone Resort," said John Buhler, VP and general manager.

Kids also enjoy the Snow Fort at the top of Dercum Mountain. Play in the maze, sit on the Kidtopia throne, slide down the slide, or climb the snowy towers. It's the perfect winter playground on your family ski vacation. 

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