Families at many Alberta resorts can save money by purchasing a family pass. Most of Alberta's ski resorts are running September sales on season passes that offer ways for families to get on the slopes with a discount across the board that makes the total package save money over buying individual passes.

Some resorts limit family passes to covering four people; others cover all family members, regardless of number. Most resorts require families to have proof of status and age to be eligible, but the requirements vary. Passes can be purchased online from the individual resorts by the Sept. 30 deadline.

Canada Olympic Park in Calgary offers one of the least expensive family season passes. Family passes are available for $929 CAN. The park requires Alberta Health Care Cards as proof of eligibility. Passes increase to $999 CAN after the sale.

Castle Mountain, Alberta's southernmost resort, has their family pass on sale for $1,699 CAN. The pass is valid for a family of four living at the same residence in a combination of two adults and two kids or one adult and three kids. Additional children, including college students enrolled in Canadian universities, may be added on for $175-277 each. The family pass jumps up to $2,165 after Sept. 30.

Families can purchase a pass for Lake Louise to cover one or two parents and all children 17 years old and younger who reside in the same residence for $1,749 CAN. Student Add-on options at $289 CAN are available for family members between 18 and 25 who are in college. Passes increase by up to 17 percent after the sale. 

Marmot Basin offers two family pass rates for different family configurations. The pass costs $1,885 CAN for families with two parents and $1,319 CAN for single parent families. Students 18-24 years old who attend college full time can be added on to family passes for $299 CAN each. The family pass increases to $2,090 CAN after the sale.

Family passes at Sunshine Village, which cost $1,799 CAN, are good for a husband, wife, and children up to the age of 17 years old living at the same address.  Full time students ages 18-24 can be added on for $399 CAN.

Canada Olympic Park, Castle Mountain, Lake Louise, Marmot Basin, and Sunshine offer individual adult, child, junior, student, and senior passes on sale through Sept. 30, too. Rates vary depending on age. 

Two other Alberta resorts offer family passes without the Sept. 30 deadline. Mt. Norquay's season pass sale ended in June, but families can still purchase a pass for $1,399 and add on college students 18-24 years old for $219 CAN each. 

Nakiska's sale price on family passes runs through Oct. 16. A family can purchase a pass for $1,259 CAN, which covers one or two parents and all children in the same household 17 years old and younger. Family members who are college students 18-24 years old can be added on for $179.