Mt. Bachelor has frozen season pass rates for the third consecutive year. The resort plans to add more value to the passes, which are on sale until Sept. 30, by extending the spring ski season.

The resort launched its September season pass sale, just after the first snow hit the slopes at the end of August. Season passes, which saw a reduction in rates by 14-50 percent three years ago, have stayed at the same prices since then with an adjustment last winter in super senior rates. The pass sale rates run through Sept. 30, after which they bump up by $40-200, depending on the pass type. Full season passes, which have no restrictions on days, cost $799 for adults, $499 for seniors, and $149-349 for those 23 years old and younger. Midweek and restricted passes are available at lower rates.

Bachelor saw a changing demographic that caused the resort to rethink pass rates last year for the 70-plus crowd. Season passes increased for super seniors from $60 to $249 during the fall sale. "Ten percent of our skiers are 65 or older," Dave Rathbun, president and general manager, told "We have a pretty big population of retired seniors, and a lot of 70-plus skiers are out here 50 or more days a year."

A few seniors squawked, but Rathbun said most understood. "Our ski pass provides a better value than golf passes," he added.

Season passholders will be able to ski or ride longer this winter. The resort, which closed down May 17 last year, plans to extend its season this spring through Memorial Day Weekend, conditions permitting. "The change is based on how great spring conditions have been and the volume of skiers," explained Rathbun. The extension takes Bachelor's planned operating calendar to 192 days.

Bachelor's12-Day pass introduced last winter returns at $450 through Sept. 30 for all ages. "It's a very popular option," said Rathbun, "and provides a step in between the day ticket and full season pass." The pass, which divides out to a daily lift ticket at $37.50, is valid any day except holiday periods and has three fewer blackout days than last year.

Purchase all season passes and 12-day passes online.

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