The Three Valleys has opened registration for the X-Wing Rally scheduled for Easter Monday, April 5.

The X-Wing Rally is a ski, snowboard or telemark event with different races in each valley: Derby, Slalom XXL, Speed-skiing, Freeride, Family Schuss, Big Air Bag, and Triple Boarder.

Already 30 teams have signed up for this year's X-Wing Rally. All teams must be made up of three people, regardless of your category or level. Contestants will discover the obstacle-laden ski area of the Three Valleys - the largest ski area in the world.

The races are timed and the classification depends on the total number of points won during each race. The races are not compulsory, each team can decide according to its shape and ski level, to take part in some or all of the races.

This year features a new category: Families Pros. To be registered in the Families Pros category, the team must be composed of two children and one adult from the same family, with a minimum of two pros in the team (kids registered in a ski club, FFS members, ski instructors, and ski patrols).

A giant Savoyard buffet lunch is served in the middle of the day on the mountain. The day is rounded off with an impressive awards ceremony.

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