The Dew Tour hits town for season finals at Mount Snow's Carinthia at week's end with Danny Davis in first place in Men's Snowboard Super Pipe, but out of the competition because of a fractured pelvis suffered in an ATV accident outside of Park City, Utah.

Steve Fisher with 160 points and Jarret John Thomas with 145 points are in the next two spots, either one in position to win it all.

Queralt Castellet leads in Women's Snowboard Super Pipe with 280 points. Elena Hight, Kaitlyn Farrington, and Kelly Marren are in the next three spots.

Tyler Flanagan leads Men's Snowboard Slopestyle with 190 points, followed by Sage Kotsenburg, Charles Guldemond, last year's overall Burton Global Open Series winner, and Eric Willett.

Spencer O'Brien and Jamie Anderson lead Women's Snowboard Slopestyle with 175 points each, followed closely by Jenny Jones.

Jossi Wells leads Men's Freeski Super Pipe, followed by Simon Dumont and Xavier Bertoni.

Andreas Hatveit leads Men's Freeski Slopestyle, followed by Tom Wallisch.

Preliminary events begin at 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

The Dew Tour is a premier snowboarding event, ideal for spectators. Carinthia's terrain will be closed to all but competitors, but spectators are welcome.

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