The Summit At Snoqualmie will be the first U.S. venue to host the 2010 RIDE Shakedown. The snowboarding event, scheduled for March 12-13, is expected to draw thousands of spectators from the Seattle area as well as east of the Cascade Mountains.

The RIDE Shakedown has grown in its first decade into one of Canada's largest and most popular snowboarding events at Mont-Saint-Sauveur, Quebec. Its international talent pool and fast-paced format keeps the action spinning, making the competition a crowd favorite.

The event, which offers $35,000 in prize money for the top performers, places few restrictions on what riders can do. The riders, male and female, are required to master the Big Air and a surprise rail unveiled on the first day of competition.

The special rail forces competitors to adjust their strategies at the last minute as it features different textures. The one-of-a-kind rail-being constructed under heavy secrecy and is expected to push high-altitude performances.

The event-which amps up into a festival atmosphere with music--will bring on 40 pros and 80 amateurs, including Seattle-based Ride Snowboard and Summit at Snoqualmie team rider Austin Hironaka. The athletes have two hours to perform two judged runs, and the runs are announced before executed. The competition does not designate a start order, but allows riders to launch when they feel ready.

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