More women than men try skiing each winter for the first time, but you routinely see more men than women on the ski hill.  Where have the first time women gone?  Many have found it frustrating in the past and didn't stay with it. 

Perfect North Slopes, near Cincinnati in southeastern Indiana, has been hosting Women's Clinics for several winters.  This season's event takes place Jan. 29-31.  The clinics run from 9 a.m.-3 p.m., with separate clinics being held for skiers and snowboarders.  The fee is $50 and includes a continental breakfast. 

Today's shaped skis respond more to finesse than to muscle, so women find the equipment much more inviting than it used to be.  Many ski areas throughout the United States are now sponsoring Women's Clinics that mean specific instruction for women, often taught by female instructors.  The net result is that more women can now feel confident venturing onto the snow and giving snowsports a try.

Advance registration is required at least a week ahead of time so don't take long to think about it. Come back out and give it another try, even if you've tried snowsports in years past.  Today's equipment makes it much easier to learn, and skiing and riding are healthy lifetime sports.

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