Echo Mountain is all over the place Saturday, Feb. 4, when it hosts the SnowDash, for the first time ever. The mountain will be closed to skiing and riding until 1 p.m Saturday for the 5K adventure race held on the slopes. Over 1,000 competitors will face tire obstacles, uphill sprinting, crawling through powder pits, and the navigation of steep terrain to get through the event.

“It’s definitely going to be a challenge for even the most elite athletes,” says Levi Scullion of Fit 5280, which is the group organizing the event.  “Never before has a course like this been designed at this altitude (over 10,000 feet) in these types of conditions.  People have raced in similar events featuring mud, water and obstacles, but the alpine conditions present their own, unique challenges.”

Space is limited so sign up soon. After the event, the Echo Mountain team heads to Evergreen Lake for the Evergreen Winter Festival. A evening celebration will be held with the first-ever Evergreen Rail Jam competition and fireworks, presented by Echo Mountain.

The crew at Echo is still reeling from a recent visit from Torstein Horgmo, a Norwegian pro snowboarder who stopped in at Echo Mountain on his way home from the X Games in Aspen. Scott Gales with the mountain says Horgmo had heard great things about Echo and wanted to stop by and check it out. “He was very gracious, thankful, and accommodating to our staff and customers on the hill.”

Echo Mountain Courtesy of Torstein Horgmo

Photo courtesy Echo Mountain.

Gales added, “Anytime we have professional riders, especially of Torstein’s caliber, skiing or riding our slopes, it’s a highlight for us.  We congratulate him on his recent X Games success and wish him the very best moving forward!  We hope to see him at Echo Mountain again soon!”

Horgmo took silver in Snowboard Big Air in Aspen, which adds to a stack of silvers and golds at the X Games.

Echo Mountain Courtesy of Torstein Horgmo-2

Photo courtesy Echo Mountain.

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