The Champagny valley, part of La Plagne ski resort, is set to host the seventh Gorzderette Games Jan. 29-31.

The Gorzserette Games is a quirky tournament in a festive and playful atmosphere. Five traditional events are programmed by the Gorzdérés, which was once the name of the area's inhabitants in the local dialect.

These events will take place around the ice tower, the focal point of the event, which will allow two member teams, paired in advance or onsite, to show off their climbing skills. Events for 2010 include ice climbing; beret skiing, a roped party, the hay sled, and tandern snow shoes.

Ice climbing: on the ice tower, beginners as well as experts will try to reach the summit, 22 metres overhead. Each face is inclined to a different degree, for various difficulty levels.

Beret ski: is a cross-country sprint through an obstacle course. A beret launching contest tops off this fun game.

The roped party: you will need balance and coordination for this rock climbing contest along the ground. Teamwork is the keyword to conquer the same obstacles found in real rock climbing, recreated here on a smaller scale.

The hay sled: pulling a hay-filled sled as fast as possible is the goal of this game. Of course, the track is laid with high turns, holes, and bumps, because if not, where's the fun?

Tandem snow shoes: two giant snow shoes, four feet, and a race filled with spills and slips. For this time trial, special snow shoes were invented, with two left feet on one snow shoe, two right feet on the other.

A surprise game is also on the program, but you will have to attend the event to find out what it is.

All of the above games take place Saturday, Jan. 30. Qualifications for the Saturday shows and the showing of a film on the famous Alpinist Gaston Rébuffat take place Friday. Sunday offers visitors the opportunity to freely take part in the activities from Saturday and test various mountain gear for free.

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