A range of emotions will run through you when you watch the movie called, The Movement. It’s an inspiring story of a group of individuals with disabilities and how skiing has provided them with an outlet for freedom. The Movement introduces five people with disabilities or injuries, who have overcome huge obstacles in their lives.

Traci Taylor was born with her disabilities and first learned to ski 30 years ago at Winter Park, and was featured in a Warren Miller movie.


Traci Taylor smiles during an on-camera interview. The Movement narrator Warren Miller calls Taylor the best skier he's ever filmed. Photo courtesy Greg I. Hamilton.

Jim Martinson lost his legs in Vietnam and came back to invent the sit ski, and other technology that people with disabilities use today. The movie introduces Mike May who was blinded at the age of 3 and set the world speed record at 65 mph. He went on to regain partial eyesight through stem cell research eight years ago and you see that moment in the movie. Chris Waddell was an aspiring skier who suffered a spinal cord injury in his late teens, and went on to be a 13-time Paralympic medalist and the first paraplegic to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro unassisted.


Chris Waddell carves turns for The Movement's cameras at the Canyons in Utah. Photo courtesy Gary Nate.

Rick Finkelstein was an avid skier who was paralyzed in a fall on Snowmass Mountain near Aspen. The movie looks back on the accident and follows Rick as he learns how to ski in a mono ski six years after the accident. It shows his progress and how he learns to link turns again.


Challenge Aspen staff shows Rick Finkelstein a practice crash in the monoski he'll use when learning to ski again. Photo courtesy The Movement ©2011 MakeAHero.org.

The movie is narrated by Robert Redford and Warren Miller. The producer and director is Warren’s son, Kurt, who has also been in the movie making business. He was working with different ski resorts across the country and he kept meeting the adaptive groups in the areas. “I started thinking what I can do with this. I put together a business strategy and started thinking of ways to raise a lot of money for people with disabilities.”

Miller went on to create the Make A Hero Foundation to increase recognition and funding for local adaptive-sports groups. “My mission is to build awareness for the need to help people with disabilities and to motivate them that their life is not over when they’re injured. The second goal is to raise money for people with disabilities.”

Where can you see the movie? It’s making the film festival circuit right now. Producers are working with Universal pictures as well. It will eventually be seen on broadcast and cable television.


Filming on location at the Canyons in Utah: The Movement's producer and director, Kurt Miller with writer/director Greg I. Hamilton. Photo courtesy Gary Nate.

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