Snow and crystals will be the focus of a unique art show coming to Steamboat. It’s called Snow/Crystal: Intricacy, Impermanence, and Influence. Three artists will have their snowy works on display in their own unique ways. The artists work in new media, video, photography, installation, and interventive environmental art.

Lizzie Larock of Steamboat who is helping promote the event said, "We pride ourselves on being snow worshippers here in Steamboat. And we're the home and training ground to so many amazing winter Olympians. Park Myers has curated an interesting and thought provoking art show celebrating snow in its unique forms.  And this extremely creative combination of the different artistic mediums will give the viewer a whole new appreciation of the fluffy stuff that we normally just schuss through down the mountain."

Damon Zucconi’s Olympic (Snow) uses snow as a moniker for a corrupted electronic transmission, which is also referred to as “noise.” Zucconi is from New York and has had works on display in London and Greece.

Sonja Hinrichsen’s Snow Drawings physically manipulate a meta relationship between the intricacy of a crystallized snowflake form to larger patterns. The event created is temporary. What is left is a memory and photograph. Hinrichsen is from San Francisco.














Sonja Hinrichsen’s Snow Drawings. Photo courtesy LaRock Star Creative.

The final artist is Ian Scott and his exhibit is titled Cerebral Myopia:Crystal. The art is a video installation of the visual reference of the human head emitting a crystalline form. It’s a unique, crystalline process of thought. Scott has spent time working in Washington, D.C., and New York City.

The snowy exhibit in Steamboat is Jan. 27 through March 17. An opening reception is 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 26. The show is at the Eleanor Bliss Center for the Arts at the Historic Depot in Steamboat.

Steamboat Art Depot. Photo courtesy LaRock Star Creative.

Steamboat Art Depot. Photo courtesy LaRock Star Creative.

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